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About the Giveaway

To apply for the giveaway just use your profile link. giveaway is not just a regular giveaway. To add a competitive taste to it, we've come up with a system, which will allow you to increase your chances of winning, by sharing your link and claiming entries from other contests links by other users. If you get most entries, this does NOT mean you will 100% win, it will just hive you higher chance of winning.

The Following rules apply:

To prevent cheating rules will update throughout the next days.
  1. Even if you sign up multiple times, only the applications with highest entry count count will count. Make sure you use only 1 application and save your private token
  2. Abusing the system, will result in removing your account.
  3. Rewards are only given after providing the generated Private Token and only to the profile you've signed up with.
  4. After announcing the winners, you'll have 3 days to get in contact via The discord server or facebook group
  5. We reserve the right to eliminate contestants which violate the rules and their entries

Winners will be announced 21.02.2021, via a stream in the official discord server.


Rewards will increase during the giveaway period!

Total Rewards Value: 1379$

Total Rewards: 26 (A single user can win multiple rewards)