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How get to your properties Featured at

First of all we want to apologise for having this option, but its the only way we can exist, and continue developing the planned features. We are going to grow and focus on even more aspects of the market. Just hold on with us, and you wont regret it!
To get your properties featured on, all you need to do is put them for sale at If you have advertisement credit, your properties will be randomly displayed to match the filters of the users.

Advantages of having your properties featured

Featured properties will match the users filter, but will skip the sorting algorithm and always appear on top. This way you'll have higher chance of having you properties sold. If you are trying to sell a monument or other important building, you can contact me for a premium listing, which can spread the word, and find you the right buyer.

How to get credit

There are couple of ways for getting advertisement credit.

  1. Use my Code (PPN9K4J98I) to get 2000 displays for 1$ (updated hourly, automatically)
  2. Find me on Discord and we can negotiate a deal, where each 1$ will have your properties displayed 1000 times
  3. If you are selling an important location a monument for example, we also provide an option to bypass filters and display your property more often and spread the word to all our users. Find me on Discord to discuss the terms.

How we did it

We don't know if Earth2 is Scam or Not, but we will NOT scam Earth2 players. To assure that, there are NO registration/login options on our website. We achieve that by using the Unique User ID (a.k.a. UUID), assigned by the server for each user.
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Since we need to track your advertisement credit, we have built our payment system around the integrated features. We don't store or access any information about you, your account or payment methods, unless made it as public. To replenish advertisement credit at you can do one of the following:

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