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How to make the most bang for your buck on earth2

What is earth 2?

For those of you who are new to earth2 here is a little explanation of what it is. Earth2 is a video game that is currently in development that is going to be a 1:1 scale of the earth that you can play for free on PC. They plan on making something similar to Entropia and Second Life where you can play and interact with other players and potentially make money, but for now, they have only opened up a sort of preorder phase where you can purchase land for real money and trade that land.

What to Buy, Where to Buy and what is market flipping?

With the entire world to buy, there are endless options of what to buy, but a lot of new players make the mistake of going and buying their house only to not be able to sell it later on. So for starters, do not buy new tiles (unless it’s a really good spot), buying new tiles is not the way to go currently. For example, if you were to buy 10 new tiles in America it would set you back about 400$ but if you tried to sell them you would not be able to sell them unless you sell it at more the half off due to the market being so large and an overinflation of sellers and not enough buyers. So what do you do in a bull market? Buy from people selling very cheap.

Flipping tiles

So what is flipping tiles? Well, one of the first things you need to understand is what the market prices are at right now, and the 4 more important things to selling and buying land, class, location, shape, price. Once you understand those things it’s a simple buy low sell at 10% mark up.

1. Class

Starting off with class, now class is very highly valued because over time the lower classes will provide more LIT (land income tax) making them more sought after. Here is at what % you can usually find the classes at:
Class 1 = 0-10% off market value
Class 2 = 10-40% off market value
Class 3 = 40-70% off market value
Now, these numbers are rough and subject to change as the market changes and more buyers come in but it’s a rough estimate and lower classes are easy to flip. So when buying only buy class 1 and 2.

2. Location

The location is also very important, some things you want to stay away from and not buy are properties in the middle of nowhere surrounded by nothing and no one. Some properties you should buy are ones located in the capital of a country or in a megacity that people plan on making a city in the middle of nowhere. Mainly you want to purchase near other players. Go check out to check out where Mega Cities are.

a map with all megacities on

3. Shape

Now in the future when the game comes out, building is going to be one of the main features, so when looking at properties make sure they are normally shaped and all together in one giant chunk, it will be harder to sell if the tiles are scattered all about.



4. Price

The 4th one is a little more surprising but the price is a big factor. I have found that the properties that flip the fastest are usually ones being sold at 50-150$ just because the price is so appealing and not too expensive or too cheap.

Purchasing So now with all of these factors combined get back to and filter by these things.

Once you have found a good property that is class 1 or 2, a good shape that will be easy to build on, an appeasing 50-150$ price, in a good location and country, then buy it. Now that you have your property you can either keep it and save it for when the game comes out, you can also sit on it for a while and potentially flip it for big gains, or you can sell it at a 10% mark up from what you bought it for and keep on buying low and selling high as I do.

Common Mistakes

So if you follow all of these rules you should be fine but there still is a couple of mistakes to make, one of them is the account you are buying from could be frozen. For example, if you follow my instructions you will find this very juicy deal.

a map with all megacities on
But when you go to buy it
a map with all megacities on

So be careful what you buy and check the transaction history to make sure there is nothing sus you could potentially get pulled into.

There are also some countries that are currently bugged like Turkmenistan, so before you buy property also research and make sure that the country isn’t bugged. You can do so by checking earth2stats then find the country and compare the tiles sold to the new tiles price. If the tiles sold does not correspond at all with the new tile price then that country is probably bugged and it better to play it safe and stay away.

Bugged Country

Bugged country price growth graph

Normal Country

Normal country price growth graph

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