Earth2 Enhance

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What is the Earth2 Enhance?

Earth2 Enhance is a FREE to use browser extension, which adds overlays to your experience.
Current features are:

What are my goals for the extension? is soon going to be obsolete. will probably improve on their market soon, and that's what relied upon for its domination. No matter how much I hate the dev team, I like the marketing team of earth2 - they are doing a great and this is what will make grow much faster than projects recently talked about like "afterearth".
Keeping this in mind The main focus of the extension will be to create JavaScript code for different pages which could be almost directly copied and pasted into earth2 (which is NOT the correct way) but will safe the developers time to focus on other aspects.

What to expect Shoon?

The priority I currently have is the following:

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Oh an yeah... here is the download link, this extension will be hosted by the project. Currently NO terms or conditions apply to that extension but this will most likely change over time. Make sure to follow the announcements on this discord channel
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